2018 Reading Challenge

Good Morning!

If reading more in 2018 is one of your New Years resolutions than this is the post for you!



In 2017 I set myself a goal of 52 books, and while I didn’t get anywhere close I did manage to read 27 books (8 more than 2016). So I decided to make my own reading challenge, 24 different prompts, 2 books a month, to keep myself motivated and able to reach my goal.

I am most excited for the “true crime” and “book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist” because I a) have an obsession with true crime, SSDGM y’all and b) in doing some research while picking prompts I found some really interesting books that I’m really intrigued by. I also am excited for the prompt “a book that was being read by a stranger in a public place”, as a people watcher I’m maybe a little nosier than I should be and I’m constantly trying to see what people around me are reading.

In order to keep track of my goal and the books that I’m reading, I use the Goodreads app. I like being able to track and rate the books that I’m reading. It also will give suggestions once you’ve rated enough books, just in case you ever don’t know what to read. If you wanted you can also follow me here!

And without further ado here is The Well Read Fox’s 2018 Reading Challenge!


So grab your books and anything you need to get cozy and let’s get to reading.


8 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge

    • Haha I get that! I like that it doesn’t lock me into a specific book because sometimes I will want to read one book for a prompt and then I’m in the bookstore and I find one that fits even better! Plus I find myself picking and loving books I wouldn’t have thought to read otherwise!

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      • Yes, that totally makes sense! and I support it haha but I have been doing the buying and buying and then I start reading but then I buy another book and I read that one instead of the ones I bought before haha so I have a queue of books mad at me XD
        Thank you for checking out and replaying! I am totally keeping an eye on your blog! hope you like mine! 😀

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